Sigeyi Ceramic Single Arm Chain System

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True Innovation - SIGEYI once again come to the market with another new innovation, 20gms lighter than all other competitors - Simplicity is the key with this SACS as it has only 6 moving parts, less is more, less is faster, less is lighter, less is better.

SACS less is more
SACS(Single Arm Chain System) is a new form of rear derailleur cage structure. The all metal structure of the SACS is very simple and lightweight, consisting of six parts for Shimano specifications and five parts for SRAM specifications, both of them are about 50 grams. After full abstraction and simplification,, two wheels and screws, you can achieve the entire structure and colour scheme, without any redundancy.


The curved guide plate with patent protection is the core design element of SACS. It is fully CNC machined, and the multiple hollowed out design is the result of finite element analysis. The unique design that allows the chain to shuttle on both sides of the guide plate, and the lower guide wheel with anti-drop chain, allow SACS to bring unprecedented visual effects and restore 100% chain restraint, achieving the unity of innovation and practicality

Low friction 
SACS does not use full open ceramic bearings, the ceramic stainless steel hybrid bearings with dust cap are smooth. 12T (shimano version) - 15T (SRAM version) upper wheel and 16T lower wheel can fully reduce the angle and speed of chain bending, to achieve the purpose of reducing power loss.

The First Model 
Pulley Wheel: 12T upper, 16T lower
Weight: 50g
Compatible: Shimano R8000/9100 series rear derailleur
Casette Compatibility: Up to a 11-34 range
Warranty: 2 years