Why Sigeyi?

At Sigeyi we pride ourselves on research and development; it is the beating heart of our business. Our loyal customers know every product that leaves our hands is of the highest possible quality, and has been fully checked over at our North Yorkshire headquarters by a member of our specialist cycling technician team. We are proud to offer a generous 2 year warranty policy, and hassle free returns because we know that our products always live up to the high standards our customers have rightly come to expect. 

A Cannondale road bike fitted with numerous premium high quality Sigeyi products, including Direct-Mount Derialleur Hanger, Single Arm Cage System and AXO Power Meter.

Our Products

SIGEYI AXO Power Meters

The Sigeyi AXO power meter is both extremely accurate and reliable, as well as being one of the best value power meters on the market. This waterproof power spider can fit most crank sets, and boasts features including auto-zero and real time temperature compensation. Thorough statistical and in-field testing by our experienced data analysts and expert cyclists have shown the Sigeyi AXO Power Meter to be among the best in class in terms of providing accurate and reliable results, and it also tops the performance chart for durability and battery performance. Lightweight, from only 83 grams, and equipped with a USB rechargeable battery with 300+ hours of riding time per charge, this is a seriously top spec AXO Power Meter, perfect for all weather usage with an IP67 waterproof rating. The Sigeyi Power Meter is also tough enough to operate in temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius. Our 2 year warranty policy and hassle free returns means you can try the product for yourself without worry, and understand why cyclists across the UK have made the switch to a Sigeyi power meter.

SIGEYI Direct-Mount Derailleur Hanger

Sigeyi Direct-Mount Derailleur Hangers are not only eye-catching, but also extremely lightweight and durable. Our experienced design and engineering team worked hard to create such a strong component in the most efficient payload, the end result being a component that can help you step up your performance time and time again. Made of premium aircraft grade aluminium, and available in a variety of anodized finishes and colours, this product is perfect for riders who want to stand out while upping the toughness and speed of their bike. manufactured to fit a wide range of bikes, this is a must have product, so there is no wonder why top cyclists across Britain are switching to Sigeyi Derailleur Hangers to get ahead of the competition.

SIGEYI Single Arm Cage Systems

Another innovation from Sigeyi is the Single Arm Cage System, a eye-catching, durable component that is 20 grams lighter than all the competition. Sigeyi engineering team used cutting edge research, CNC machining technology to create a multiple hollowed design, the result of Sigeyi's finite element analysis. It utilizes minimal parts - 5 parts for SRAM, 6 parts for Shimano specification- in order to have a product that is easy to clean and long lasting, as well as ultra lighter, coming in at around 50 grams. Cutting edge ceramic stainless steal hybrid bearings with dust caps achieve super low friction, and reduction of angle and speed of chain bending all helps to reduce power loss substantially. Unique SACS design can also restore 100% chain restraint, which is why you can see the system on the bikes of a number of top cyclists globally.


Over the moon with my Sigeyi AXO power meter. I use it on my Cannondale everytime I ride and it gives me all the data I want. Really durable and I've found it to be very reliable - I'm impressed.


My Sigeyi Derailleur Hanger looks amazing on my bike, I get compliments on it all the time! It's so lightweight but also super strong, it's certainly made my bike look and ride better!


The Single Arm Cage System is great, Sigeyi have done an amazing job! My bike rides so much better, and also looks amazing too! It's so lightweight and has definitely made a noticeable difference to my performance.