Sigeyi AXO Power Meter compatibility chart  showing Specialized, Cannondale and SRAM amongst others for bike compatibility
Sigeyi MTB AXO Power Meter compatability chart showing which AXO power meter is suitable for a range of brands including Shimano, SRAM, Cannondale and Rotor
Sigeyi AXO power meter specification chart

SIGEYI AXO Power Meter Compatibility

The Sigeyi AXO Power Meter empowers our riders to get crucial insights about their performance, instantly and at the touch of a button. The lightweight and durable component is rapidly becoming a penchant among top cyclists, as well as those who want to take performance to the next level.

We hope that our user-friendly compatibility charts can help you discover which Sigeyi AXO Power Meter is compatible with your bike, but if you are unsure feel free to contact our experienced component team on 0330 118 0577.